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United States weekly export sales for mid/late November

Published: 05 Dec, 2018

The export sales of hides for the week ending November 22 were largely a carbon-copy of those of the previous week. The total of salted and wet-blue hides, at 447,300 pieces, was just 1.4% lower than the prior week and 0.4% below the preceding four weeks average. In the breakdown between the two types, salted material totalled 340,800 pieces (-1.2% from prior week) and wet-blue 106,500 pieces (-1.9% from prior week). If the total sales continue to remain well below the weekly hide production, shipments have proceeded regularly, surpassing sales in most weeks since July, with overall outstanding sales (orders booked but not yet shipped) contracting.

Among the main destinations of salted hides, the week ending November 22 showed an uptick of salted hides ordered by Chinese customers. At 245,200 hides, though not a high number for the Asian giant, it was the second-best weekly result since mid-September. On the other hand, after three weeks with high weekly figures, South Korean buyers settled for just 30,400 hides, down 60% from the previous 4-week average.

The wet-blue sales were largely concentrated in three countries: Italy (46,500 hides), Vietnam (30,800 hides) and Thailand (21,300 hides), with China again out of the picture. Click here to read more.

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