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United States – Price concessions needed to keep sales volumes up

Published: 15 Dec, 2021

Towards the end of last week (Dec 10) and into early this week (Dec 13), price concessions were given on many selections to keep the flow of hides moving. It was thought that this would be enough for this week and, at the new prices, business could be done. However, most reports seem to indicate that tanners in the Far East continue to bid lower, with steer and, more surprisingly, cowhides receiving counter bids of US$1.00/hide down on the asking prices, on average.

The lack of reported sales for this week (Dec 13) would indicate that sellers feel they have given enough ground in recent times and wish to remain firm, hence the fact that little activity has been reported. For now, prices across the board are being shown as stand on, or to be more accurate stand-off, as that is the situation between sellers and buyers at present. Sooner or later, one side will have to give way; the suppliers have a large slaughter to sell and the tanners have little viable option of where to look for volume material. The smart money would be on the current price levels becoming the status quo for a while.

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