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United States – no market improvement

Published: 15 May, 2019

Most suppliers report that there has been no real improvement in the number of bids coming from the Far East tanners this week, over the number received last week, with last week in itself being a very poor week. Suppliers last week reported that sales of all descriptions fell 200,000 below that of the production figures. This week production is set to increase again as we start to enter the BBQ season for many regions of the U.S. 

Some selections of the lower grade cow hides have now reached a level where they are no longer viable to process. It could be that either these hides are charged by suppliers to remove from slaughterhouses or they are sent straight to render. What is known is that no one will want to process a hide that will cost them money.

This remains very much a buyer’s market. It is not the tanners who dictate the market now, but the finished leather buyers, who ultimately are at the mercy of the general public, whom it appears have no appetite for leather at present.

As per the last few weeks, wet-blue quotations have been mirroring the lower drift of the salted hides market. The latest offers were no different, with a cross-section of selections being lowered US$1/hide against the previous level. To read more click here.

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