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United States – More demand for cured hides rather than wet-blue

Published: 24 Jul, 2020

As has been well documented, sales of cured hides have been strong in recent weeks, with suppliers able to keep most of their inventories low by constant selling. The prices generally have been at stable levels, helping to project revenues. But, the emphasis on sales has been towards the male hides of late, with both steers and heifers selling strongly. The cowhides have struggled somewhat, this is backed up by the offer lists of late last week and early this week, which are well populated with cowhides. It will be interesting to see if the sales pick up for these this week, and whether that has any bearing on the prices that are taken. The prices for many are already trading below economic levels - could a sales push force more grades to go this way? In recent times, Chinese tanners have not been overly keen on cowhides, and those that do require them seek the better quality hides from European suppliers, which are predominantly without brands. As has been pointed out by more than one tanner, why buy a hide with a large brand, and lose a large section of the hide when the world is full of offers of good quality hides at rock bottom price levels. While the numbers for cured hides have stayed high and roughly kept pace with the slaughter rates, the same cannot be said for wet-blue hides; each week the statistics show that less hides are being sold, bar the odd exceptional week. The recent prices for those that have concluded new business show that this commodity continues to be under pressure, and will probably remain this way all the time that tanneries have spare capacity within their own facilities. For further information click here.

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