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United Kingdom – Hide stocking a viable option

Published: 22 Jun, 2022

Prices on both hides sold to Italian and Chinese tanners are back again from the previous levels. In truth, most Italian tanners have already purchased all they require prior to the annual August shut down period, which this year will start towards the end of July. There perhaps will be the chance for some spot sales, but these are expected to be limited. Chinese tanners’ price ideas are back, but in truth very few suppliers are tempted by the low prices and so will sit on their hides.

Stocking hides for many is the only viable action to take over the Summer, in the hope that there is a marked improvement in leather business come September. As always in the Summer, there is also the hope that weather conditions do not become too hot, which will result in the “red heat” bacteria affecting hides, something that becomes a particular problem for tanners who produce wet-white or aniline leathers. Already plenty of additives are being put into the salt.

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