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United Kingdom – Green cow prices approaching zero level

Published: 10 Jul, 2019

Most suppliers appear to be well sold and will move into the summer months in a satisfactory trading position. There are one or two anomalies to the trading positions. Normally barley fed bullhides are offered out in the spring of each year through to the very early summer months, after this the cattle are either sent to slaughter or put out to graze. But this year it has been noted just how many of these hides are still being offered for sale to Chinese tanners as we move well into July. Either there was an abundance of hides available or the premium prices normally received for these hides was not achieved and the same hides have hung around suppliers yards for several weeks, waiting for an offer.
Doubleface lambskins were again offered out to Chinese tanners on Friday of last week, this time with approximately US$0.20/skin deducted from the last round of offers.
Prices paid into abattoirs for green hides have again come down by £1.00/hide across the board. We are now only a few weeks away from cowhides reaching zero value if the price reduction continues this downward trend. To read more click here.

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