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Spain – Offer lists well populated

Published: 09 Oct, 2020

Last year we gave news that some suppliers from Spain had carried out some underhand practices by loading containers destined for China with hides that were not as described on the contracts. The failure in many cases to pay the claims were greeted with much distrust by Chinese tanners, causing some to take to social media to vent their anger. The knock-on effect was that the vast majority of suppliers who act honourably were caught up in the cross fire. That all now seems behind us, as the demands of the finished leather industry can soon make tanners forget and forgive, especially when they require hides. Offer lists from Spain appear to be well populated with asking prices up on the previous sales; suppliers know that tanners need the hides and are not in a position to walk away, knowing that coronavirus case rises may cause slaughter rates to drop further.To read more click here.

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