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South Africa – Lack of tourist trade hurting sales

Published: 13 Jan, 2021

As we begin another year, those countries in the Southern hemisphere such as South Africa would normally be well into the tourist season, a season that brings the needed cash into the country: the restaurant trade, the wine trade, and from our trade, the sale of small leather finished goods. So it is not surprising to hear that traders from the green hide side, right up to the finished leather sellers, are at their low point. The tourist season is just not going happen this year, so life for many will be disrupted for another 12 months, regardless of when the vaccinations start. Slaughter rates are low, as they have been since the middle of 2020, with expectations that they will pick up during 2021 slim. One thing that is still in line with the rest of the world is the green prices being paid; with traders still needing to trade, regardless of market conditions - although it is now only hides that continue to rise in value - the ovine skin value spirals downwards.

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