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Plenty of U.S. hide offers on the table

Published: 09 Jan, 2019

As per the last few weeks/months there are plenty of tanners looking to buy hides but the price’s they are looking to purchase at is far apart from those being asked; but as with all other world hide trade markets it remains a buyer’s market so we can only see a further decline. One wonders how far prices will continue to fall before hides especially top-end are considered so attractive that some stabilisation comes to the market, but this cannot be seen in the short term.

Over the festive period little trading took place there were no reports of any higher prices achieved on steers but reports quote that jumbo steer prices were down another US$2.00/pce.

Reports show that there has been some improvement in demand for cow hides both plump native and branded, as yet we have no reports of any increase in prices, maybe just being able to sell hides at the ‘stand on’ price is seen by many as being an achievement in itself.

Looming large for Chinese tanners is the concern over the possible tariffs that could be imposed on March 2.

Slaughter figures for the shorter week ending January 5 ran at 520,000 head of cattle this being up from 438,000 the prior week. To read more click here.

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