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Patchy demand for Brazilian wet-blue hides

Published: 05 Dec, 2018

The price of wet-blue TR1 has kept within the same range for the past 5-6 weeks. Reports on demand have been rather mixed over this period. This depends in part from the normal variety of situations facing different members of the trade, and in part from a market that has alternated busy periods and ebbs of activity. The continuous slide of U.S. salted and wet-blue prices seems currently the greatest challenge for Brazilian exporters. U.S. hides are on average of better quality than Brazilian ones, and they are now so cheap that even old customers have let known to their South American suppliers of their preference for the U.S. origin.

Like everywhere else available bids are well below asking prices, and for the reasons above, there is a growing sentiment that a downward adjustment to prices is at this point more likely than not. For more information click here.

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