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New Zealand – Major changes to domestic pickling trade anticipated

Published: 08 Jan, 2020

The New Zealand pickling industry is reported by one commentator as about to see some major changes in the coming months, with some of the major players contemplating important structural changes.
Prices for pickle remain very low as does the demand, and the likelihood going forward is expected to show very little change to this situation. 
At June 30, 2019, the sheep flock was 27.4 million head, down 0.4% compared with one year ago.
At the end of September 2019, the lamb kill amounted to 18.9 million head, up 0.8%, compared with last season. This increase reflects the reduced number of lambs kept for breeding.
The average lamb carcase weight should reach 18.8 kg (-0.8% compared with 2018-19).The lamb meat production should amount to 305,000 tons (similar to 2018-19), for expected revenues of NZ$3.26 billion (up 3.2% from 2018-19 and the third season in a row exceeding NZ$3 billion).
The sheep kill should be up 11%, compared with last season, to amount to 3.4 million head. Record high prices in 2017-18 brought about an increased sheep kill and a significant fall in 2018-19 due to the lack of animals. The sheep carcase weight should decrease down to 26.2 kg (-2.2%).
The mutton meat production should amount to 90,000 tons (up 8.7% compared with 2018-19), for expected revenues of NZ$639 million (up 14% from 2018-19). 
The ovine gross revenues per farm, that account for 49% of the total farm gross revenue, should increase by 1.1%, and amount to NZ$308,500 (revenue per farm). To read more click here.

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