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Skins dumped as New Zealand exits lockdown

Published: 15 May, 2020

One of the first countries in the Western world to come out of lockdown, has its ups and downs. The positive is the virus seems to have passed and people can start to return to their normal lives, although it is a new normal for now. Businesses have reopened, including shops; let’s just hope leather goods are in high demand! The downside is that although New Zealand could return to work, most of their trading customers within Europe remain several weeks behind. Italy has only just started to open up tanneries, so for this market it is just too early to gain any clear direction. India, another large trading customer is still closed. One trader has reported that the near future looks grim, with many cancelled garment orders from both the U.S. and Europe, with demand from China described as inconsistent, leading to large numbers of skins being dumped, as has been the case for several months now. Bovine material continues to sell in the raw state, or is being processed into wet-blue, which can either be sold now or stored until a market emerges. To read more click here.

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