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Kenya – Market stable with good gloving leather orders

Published: 15 Dec, 2021

Prices are being reported as stable at this moment, leading one commenter to remark that this must be seen as a positive thing considering the uncertain times we are operating in.

There continues to be demand for goatskins from China for the use of lining, and from Pakistan for gloving. There are reported to be fewer buyers for the better suede selection, a market not as vibrant as it used to be in pre-Covid times.

Sheepskins are also sought after by the gloving manufacturers, with prices similar to that of the goatskins.

Cattle hides are still scarce in supply due to the continuing export of raw hides to West Africa for human consumption.

The few hides remaining that are not air-dried are being fiercely procured by tanneries who now have no choice but to increase prices and work on slimmer margins in order to keep their production going and satisfy the local leather goods manufacturers, who rely on their leather and have helped keep some of the local tanneries in business during the last couple of years.

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