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Kenya – Limited overseas sales

Published: 15 May, 2020

Most of the tanneries within Kenya are reliant upon buyers from overseas, with India being one of the biggest markets; with current travel restrictions it has been impossible for buyers to visit the tanners to see the product. Although buyers are constantly in touch it is not the same as being physically there, which has made purchasing challenging. The production within Kenya is reported to be well down; some tanneries are closed while others operate with a reduced workforce. There are reports of enquires for wet-blue sheepskins, and some new contracts have been concluded, even during the current difficult trading conditions. The story for wet-blue goatskins is not so promising. There is reported to be limited interest in this material with reports that containers of wet-blue goatskins remain at Chinese shipping ports with the documents uncollected. Wet-blue cowhides are also not doing so well, with suppliers forced to take lower prices all the time and to include higher grade material with the low grades. So, for a buyer they are now receiving higher grade material at a price below what was recently paid for the low grades. The vi and vii grade material is still in demand and is being shipped to Kolkata, India, and Bangladesh. To read more click here.

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