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Kenya – Hide smuggling continues to cause problems

Published: 09 Oct, 2020

The only reported leather activity of any note is said to be in the market for industrial gloving. Apart from this, the Kenyan market is described by one commentator as very dull. Many suppliers are still in Kenya and unable to visit their main customers in India due to the ongoing virus restrictions, and in many cases because there is just so little business to discuss. The ongoing problem of hides being smuggled out of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda continues to cause a problem for tanners. There seems to be no end to the demands from Western African countries who require this material for human consumption. Green prices around the world are starting to climb in value; it remains to be seen if any rise in price will bring an end to this practice of smuggling. While many supplying nations are calling the hide and skin market as steady, this is not the case in Kenya, which can still be described as weak at best. To find out more click here.

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