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Italy – New fashion brand orders

Published: 10 Jul, 2019

At long last Italian tanners have received new orders from fashion brands. These are brands that will utilise the calfskin market. The orders are not as large as tanners were expecting for this period of the year, but nonetheless are still good orders. With the recent price falls for calfskins delivered from the Netherlands, France and within Italy, tanners will have plenty of low priced stock to work from. Given that the new orders are not as large as expected and the abundance of calfskin offers within Europe, it is unclear at this stage if prices going forward will be affected, or possibly just a stabilisation of the market will take place.
Veal meat is seemingly out of current fashion with consumers. As a consequence, many abattoirs are slaughtering less. With demand for vealskins also low, as a result, supply and demand are in balance.
As with the vealskins, young bull hides are at a stage where the supply and demand are in balance, keeping the prices stable.
The demand for cow meat is low and many slaughterhouses have halved their normal production. Even with this, there is still an over supply of cow hides available, especially with such poor demand from the automotive industry. To read more click here.

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