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Ireland – Green prices on the rise

Published: 09 Oct, 2020

There are market price rises at both ends of the scale; the selling prices have recently risen by around US$4.00/hide, but the trickle-down effect has meant that green prices are also on the rise. Demand for hides continues to be strong from Chinese tanners, although it has been reported that Italian tanners are now showing more interest, having run down their hide stock levels. One problem the Italian tanners are now facing is the world hide price. Chinese tanners, on the back of strong domestic demand for finished leather, are hungry for hides; the same story cannot be said for the European demand for finished leather - it is higher than during the summer months, but nothing to get overly excited about. This leaves the Italian tanners having to pay the price of the Chinese tanners, but without access to the Chinese finished leather market. The slaughter in Ireland remains below the normal levels, putting further pressure on green hide prices. For futher information click here.

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