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Ireland – Stand-off between abattoirs and farmers

Published: 08 Jan, 2020

The stand-off between farmers and abattoir owners that caused the strikes and slaughter disruptions during September, appear to be back on the agenda. Some would argue that the disputes never really went away, but were swept under the carpet whilst talks between both parties continued. But now we find that, once again farmers are protesting about the prices they are receiving from the abattoirs. Organised groups have been blockading meat distribution depots. Recent publications of the financial turn-overs of the top ten Irish beef producers has certainly poured fuel onto the disputes. The top ten beef producers had a combined turnover of €7.6billion in 2018, a figure that is expected to be surpassed for 2019, even with the September disputes factored in. For now abattoir green prices are at a stand on level, which is not expected to change for what is left of the year, but the supply of meat and hides is expected to witness disruptions. To read more click here.

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