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Ireland – Decisions to be made

Published: 18 Mar, 2020

Decisions need to be taken this week about sending anymore hides out chilled to Italian tanners, with some of these tanneries now only working part time. Added to this, only last week a truck driver was stopped in France because he showed a mild increase in temperature, and was unable to proceed and unload. Green prices are coming back at every slaughterhouse in Ireland, with thoughts that soon hides may be taken and cured but not paid for, until it is known if and where they can be sold too. The meat industry is reported to be finding life very difficult, with their product very hard to sell. Containers costs for those that have existing contracts to full fill have gone through the roof, with reefer containers now costing as high as eight thousand Euros per box, and that is if you can get one. To read more click here.

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