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Greece – Optimism turns to caution

Published: 27 Apr, 2022

The recent period in Greece has been described as interesting by one commenter. Up until almost the last day of the Lineapelle trade fair last February, there was an air of optimism in the trade after two very tough years. There were a lot of discussions and negotiations that were showing a good feeling but, on the last day of the fair, all thoughts of optimism had been erased by the war in Ukraine, and the economic and trading restrictions imposed. Traders tried to put pressure upon abattoirs to lower the cost of the green material. 

Now, several weeks on from that period, we find that green prices if anything are slightly higher and added to this are the increased transport and energy costs, resulting in this period being a negative one for traders. Even the higher slaughter rates in the build-up to the Easter holidays have not provided the expected reduction in green prices. Going forward, the hope is that May will see businesses turn a corner and justify all the recent increases that have been incurred.

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