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Greece – Only green prices are stable

Published: 22 Jun, 2022

The only price that appears to be stable in Greece at present is the abattoir sold green price. All the bids that suppliers are receiving from their customers are below the levels of the previous sales. This is putting a squeeze on suppliers at both ends, just at a time when energy, transport and labour rates are all increasing. The basic problem is a very low slaughter production, one that has never really kicked on from the Easter production. There are reported to be some sales to European tanners, but the price levels are low, and margins are eaten away because of transport difficulties and a lack of finance available. Transport to some destinations within Europe that cost €1,500 pre-pandemic can now be as high as €3,500, all at a time when working margins start at the same level before deductions. At present, the raw market price for both bovine and ovine is described as unworkable, something that needs to change in the very near future.

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