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Greece – Market bullish with higher raw production

Published: 15 Dec, 2021

The Greek market has been described by one commenter as bullish. Slaughter production has increased, for both skins and hides in the run up to the Christmas season. When compared to previous months, instead of easing, the prices have increased, especially for lambskins and sheepskins. Bovine hides have stopped their downward price trend and have kept stable.

There are some tanners that had shown their intention to buy when material was at record low level prices, now collectors try to get as much possible out of what is being produced. Apparently, although the slaughters are now higher, the available quantities continue to be a lot lower than previous seasons, and so that brings more pressure on collectors to pay higher and increase their asking prices as a result. At the moment, most traders, tanners and collectors are only trying to secure what they can, instead of offering. Offers and sales are expected after the New Year, with all hoping for and expecting better sales and prices, though in the meantime it would appear that all are happy to build their inventory levels, a calculated gamble by all.

Ovine prices are, for now, up almost across the board when compared to November’s prices, while lambskins have increased and bovine prices are steady.

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