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Greece – Easter period expected to bring problems

Published: 18 Mar, 2020

No prizes for guessing the main topic of conversation for Greek traders, and like all other supplying origins they are looking for some direction as to how the future business for 2020 will transpire. The slaughtering is considerably reduced, as is normal within Greece for this time of year, on the build-up before the Easter holidays, but, this year the slaughter is even lower than in previous years. Orders for raw material are very much reduced except for a few late urgent orders for the higher priced bovine hides. It is thought that the increased demand for better quality higher priced bovine hides, will be short lived, as reports indicate that this is only tanners filling in the orders they hold on their books, after this tanners report to have  limited orders to work upon. As the slaughter of ovine material starts for Easter, later this month until mid-April, there is concern about the quantity tanners will require and the prices they will be able to pay. The demand for pigskins is reported to be high in Greece, this is a simple supply and demand issue, for there are plenty of pigskins available in other neighbouring countries, but a ban on importing these has caused a high demand for the limited number of domestic skins. To read more click here.

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