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Germany – No end of year surprises expected

Published: 15 Dec, 2021

There has been a slight easing on the price for the very top weight bull hides, from both the North and South of the country, this was expected to happen given not only the time of the year, but the very nature of the type of leather that is in most demand. Most suppliers had already mentally factored in a small price correction, and so there were no surprises.

The Christmas holiday period is when most of the European tanning industry shuts down and, with prolonged shipping times to the Far East, this year coincides with the period to avoid placing containers on the water. As suppliers come back in January, this will be the time they can once again ship, knowing that containers will arrive after the Chinese New Year.

Prices generally are stable, be it for continued business to Italian tanners for this week and the first week back and January, and for any business concluded in China. There are reported to have been many more cowhides sold to Chinese tanners in the past couple of weeks than for a long while, as the downward price corrections that took place in October and November were enough to bring more tanners to the negotiating table.

Despite partial lockdowns or living restrictions, there has been little change to the slaughter numbers, which remain higher than expected, although the weight of cattle is lower and therefore the average weight of the hide is lower than normal. Predictions are that the slaughter levels will remain strong up until the end of the year and then, as is always the case, fall away for a couple of weeks at the start of the New Year.

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