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Germany – Hide price falls come too late?

Published: 22 Jun, 2022

Slaughter numbers remain below par in Germany, not helped by a recent national holiday. Even with male cattle prices falling by up to 25% the demand for beef consumption has not improved. Rising energy costs along with increasing general living costs means, that consumers are cutting back on expensive items such as beef. The hope is that the August holiday season will show an upturn in demand from the restaurant trade.

Hides continue to be sold to European tanners but, the take up is seemingly being cut, gone for now are the days when the entire production run of hides can easily be sold, tanners are now picking and choosing which hides they want. Price is always the factor, some tanners are countering on offers, others feel the price ideas of the seller are too far away from their own and, so do not even counter. There has been a general easing of heavier weight male hides from both Northern and Southern regions of Germany but, in all honesty, many feel the downward price trend has come too late, it should have happened many weeks ago, instead many lived with the hope rather than expectation that the finished leather demand would improve.

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