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France – Price reductions across the board

Published: 26 Jun, 2019

Hides continue to fall in value. It really is a buyers market, those tanners that are interested in purchasing can dictate their price, knowing full-well that sellers have little option than to accept. There are reported to be spot sales available with European customers, but again any sales are following hard fought price negotiations. Chinese tanners are proving very hard to deal with, with the cow hide prices coming under the most pressure, prices from Chinese tanners are reducing at a far faster rate than the prices paid into abattoirs for green hides, making it all but impossible for traders to make any sort of margin.

French bull hide sales, have remained largely within Europe, but again the same story here, there have been considerable price reductions since last month.

Calfskin sales, which had held up well while other hide sales fell away are now coming under pressure, there is reported to still be reasonable value in them, but they are losing a few €c/kg as the weeks go by.

There is reported to be some spot business to be found in Turkey for premium doubleface material. Pakistan also has shown some interest in nappa skins, but the value obtained is barely enough to cover costs.

Overall there is reported as being very few positives in the hide or skin trade.

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