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European cowhide demand

Published: 11 Nov, 2020

Towards the end of the summer months we witnessed the increased demand for this type of hide from Chinese tanners; enough to cause the prices to rise. In some cases, each new sale was at least US$1.00/hide higher than the previous sale, even if that sale had been concluded just a week earlier. It is fair to say that over the course of a couple of months, US$5.00-6.00/hide was added to the selling prices, from selected origins. At this time, green prices were under control and healthy margins appeared for sellers, a welcome relief after the problems in Spring and early Summer. But now, the top appears to have been found on cowhides; most sellers are happy to conclude any new business at ‘stand-on’ levels. The big question for suppliers is, can they keep the status quo on green prices, which are starting to come under pressure in many origins.

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