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European Bulls – what a load of bull

Published: 10 Jul, 2019

Italian tanners have been receiving a lot of bullhide offers from most European origins. It would seem that most suppliers have plenty of available stock. With the number of offers it would appear that suppliers want to sell before the traditional August tannery shut-downs, be this, for July delivery or September delivery. Tanners are in a position to pick and choose suppliers and origins like never before. The usual quality supplying origins will always be those sort after most with South German and Scandinavian hides top of that list, after this only prices will dictate sales. The feeling is that nearly all price offers will have a large element of flexibility attached to them, what alternative do suppliers have?
The mid range weights seem to be those in most demand by tanners; the heavier the weight the less use can be found for the hides, particularly those at the very top of the weight range that have creased necks. So, in summary, tanners want bullhides up to a point, but not those that show too much in the way of large bullhide characteristics.
One British supplier has stated that normally they sell their bullhides as a run selection into Italian tanneries, but over the past year have had to select out the very top end weight range. As a result, they now have hundreds of 55/+kg bullhides and no idea what to do with them.

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