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China – Shoe fair poorly attended

Published: 12 Jun, 2019

This month saw the Guangzhou leather fair start. This is a fair that mainly deals in domestic shoe business, but over recent years has expanded to include export business. The fair is reported to have been poorly attended, when compared with previous years. Considering the downturn, the shoe manufacturing business has faced over the past two years, it is perhaps is no surprise that this fair has lost some of its significance in the market.

There is little positive news coming out of China, with all segments of the industry struggling with a lack of demand for finished leather. Some shoe upper tanners are said to have been actively buying in the last two weeks. It is reported that the recent buying spree was by tanners who viewed the raw hides to be at such a low level, that they could either take a chance on buying or are buying to average down their current stock levels.

More than one hide agency has reported to theSauerReport that the commissions they now make on hides are so low that they can not afford to continue. Staff levels have been reduced and some are looking to diversify their business away from raw hides and into the more buoyant meat business. 

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