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Brazil – Top quality wet-blue in greater demand

Published: 09 Oct, 2020

Prices for wet-blue continue to climb, with the market now described by one supplier as very bullish. Demand still remains for the top quality TR1 wet-blue, but as the price for this increases, then finished leather tanners will start to look for value below the top quality levels, especially if the gap between the top grades widens. We have already this week reported on the green price increases, and now with the cured and wet-blue prices growing ever higher, there will be even more price pressure placed upon the start of the hide industry. Prices for neighbouring Latin American countries have also increased. With reduced slaughters all across South America, the pressure for tanners in Brazil to source enough hides at the correct quality is on. And now added to the demands from Chinese tanners is the demands from both the U.S. and Mexican automotive producers, who have seen auto sales steadily increase from the lows of the spring/summer months.

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