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Brazil – Still searching for the bottom of the market

Published: 10 Jul, 2019

There are reported to be large stocks of wet-blue hides available in Brazil. Both full substance hides and drop splits are available. The offer list passed to one Chinese agency had the wording at the bottom. “Any chance of even a bid on these?”. Which just about sums up the current state of the wet-blue market. Yesterday theSauerReport gave news that some Brazilian suppliers have opened their own warehouses in China to try and ease the flow of hides and to try and expedite sales. One Brazilian commentator has reported that some of the export numbers being quoted are not actual sales to tanners, but merely hides being moved from a warehouse in Brazil to one in China.
Hair on hides that have been fashionable with customers for the past decade are available in large numbers from most suppliers. One supplier to the United Kingdom asked, “What price can you pay then?”, after their initial price offer was rejected. For more information click here.

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