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Brazil – Green prices flat, while sales climb

Published: 22 Jun, 2022

After the large price falls in the green hide market the week prior, week 24, 2022 has shown to have been a quiet one. Only a modest fall is reported to have taken place. The official CICB green price indicator has the average price for hides at BRL2.31/kg, down from BRL2.34/kg the week before. The slight change came about only because of a shift in the percentage of hides supplied from the major regions within Brazil.

Wet-blue prices remain at stand-on levels with good demand from Chinese tanners who are reporting that they view Brazilian hides as often better value than their U.S. counterparts, albeit in much smaller volumes. The expectations are that suppliers should be able to hold onto the current price levels for the next round of sales, that unless there is another sharp fall in the price of green hides which will enable tanners to pass on some of the price advantages gained. Although with demand for leather running high within Brazil domestically for the footwear market, tanners have other outlets in which to sell their wet-blue.

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