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Brazil – greater interest from Chinese buyers

Published: 08 Jan, 2020

Information given to theSauerReport from both Italian and Chinese tanners show that there is good interest in wet-blue from Brazil. The interest seems particularly good from Chinese tanners. Only this week theSauerReport gave news that Chinese shoe manufactures were looking towards using more corrected grain leathers for the next season, as the fashion trend moves away from the traditional full grain leather. It is safe to assume that this switch to corrected grain will be good news for raw and wet-blue Brazilian hide suppliers. It should be noted that although the interest is strong, the prices tanners want to pay is not, for corrected grain leather can be produced from a lower quality hide. What the tanners really want is a medium quality hide and a low quality price.  Perhaps, if the interest remains strong enough that some of the lower grade material could make its way back into the processing system rather than to landfill. But, it would appear that maybe we are some way from that just now. To find out more click here.

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