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Belgium – Unclear on new business

Published: 18 Mar, 2020

As with all suppliers times are tough for Belgian traders and suppliers, customers are asking for a slow down on deliveries for those contracts that have already been booked, and to delay discussions on new business until the market situation is clearer. Those European tanners that do talk about new business, do so at prices greatly reduced from the previous orders. As for the Chinese tanners, they are bidding well back, some under the low price points witnessed during July-August of 2019. Added to these low bids are a much lower U.S. dollar and very few available containers in which to ship. Freight rates have rocketed to 2 or 3 times the rates of January. Chinese customers talk about Belgian cowhides in the region of US$20.00/hide and in Italy those that are willing to bid, talk about prices in the region of €1.10/kg for medium weight bullhides. All in all very difficult times ahead. To read more click here.

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