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Belgium – Larger percentage of sales into China

Published: 11 Nov, 2020

As with a lot of other European origins, the bulk of recent business has been to Chinese tanners. The price of hides increased steadily over the course of the summer months, but the ceiling on prices appears to have been found about two weeks ago. New sales are still being concluded, but the prices remain static. With slaughters remaining low, the current price looks to be the set for the short term. Again, as with other origins, the key now is keeping the lid on green (fresh) prices. Sales within Europe have also been reported as steady, with bull hides and steerhides being freely traded to Italian tanners, in some cases more than doubling in value from the low points of the year, which brings them back to the levels last witnessed in March, 2020. The lower the quality of the hide, the lower the demand from tanners. Caesarean cowhides remain hard to sell to the normal Tuscan tanners, as they have all summer, a scenario that does not look likely to change in the short term. For further information click here.

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